Yay for Creativity!

albert-einstein-creativity-Mr 16 got in the car after school today and announced…”Mum, you know we have a pupil-free day next Monday. Well I think you will be really happy with the reason. Next year the teachers have to assess us on creativity so they are doing a PD on how to assess creativity. I thought you’d be happy because that’s what you did your assignment on”!!!!

Boy am I happy. Such a positive thing for the school. Would love to be a fly on the wall for the day!

My studies of ‘Imagination and Creativity in Education’ demonstrated their enormous in preparing 21st century students for the future…a future of everchanging rapid advancements. (insert references) Fostering the skills, therefore, is essential. This is challenging for many educators. I am thrilled to see the conversation starting.

Coincidentally I had another recent experience around creativity in the classroom which also made my heart sing.

I was speaking with a Prep teacher from a school at which I regularly work. She was super excited about a morning they had just enjoyed…One of the dads, who is a marine biologist, had returned from filming on location with David Attenborough. The dad ran a session for the children about his experience, complete with video clips, photographs, actual artefacts, activities & lots more. The teacher commented that she had never seen the children so engaged and inspired!!! It was a beautiful blend of the world’s of digital technology and hands-on learning. It also prompted the Prep teacher’s to include a “Wonder Wall” in their classroom & weekly Wonder Wall sessions…..something I had tried to inspire for a while!!! The children are encouraged to share their wonderings and explore the answers.

Slowly but surely change is happening.


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