Critical and analytical reflections about online learning

When asked to critically analyse and reflect about online learning my mind swam with all the thoughts and feelings this encompassed. My experience has been both challenging and rewarding; exciting and terrifying; confidence building and confidence shaking; fascinating and never boring; surprising and predictable; time consuming but worth it. Here is my analytical reflection.. “Learning… Continue reading Critical and analytical reflections about online learning


Sovereign Hill….adventures beyond the classroom.

Who doesn't remember the excitement of going on a school excursion! Getting out of the classroom, venturing beyond the school grounds, exploring new experiences and learning about the world around us. Maybe within walking distance, sometimes by bus and occasionally a distance requiring flying. An hour, a day, a week. I have experienced this wonder… Continue reading Sovereign Hill….adventures beyond the classroom.

The Liminal Learning Space…

“‘Pax Intrantibus, salus exeuntibus’. Peace to those who are entering, and safety to those about to depart”. (Land, Meyer & Baillie, 2010, p. ix). Many times I have stood on the threshold “betwixt and between the familiar and the completely unknown” (Rohr, in Pier Learning, 2016), feeling the discomfort, fear and uncertainty which often accompanies this… Continue reading The Liminal Learning Space…

Classroom and Beyond – engaging the learning

Wherever knowledge, skills etc can be learned, taught or shared learning is possible! This long-held belief of mine is supported in a myriad of research, literature and opportunity. As a teacher then it is our responsibility to ensure this occurs. Learning can be greatly influenced by the space, both tangible and intangible, in which it occurs.… Continue reading Classroom and Beyond – engaging the learning

Group, collaborative and cooperative learning spaces

Learning with and from others can be a powerful tool. Why then do the words ‘Group work’ often strike dread into the hearts and minds of students, teachers and parents alike? Because ‘group work’, as we often consider it, is fraught with dangers of unequal participation and lack of accountability (Kagan, TVO parents, 2010)… a… Continue reading Group, collaborative and cooperative learning spaces