Who Am I

Hi Everyone,

A little introduction to myself….

My name is Stacey. I currently wear many hats both in my personal and professional life….wife, mum, educator, student, home maker, daughter, sister, aunty, friend…the list goes on. This can be a real juggling act at times and certainly keeps life interesting.

For The Learning Kaleidoscope I mostly wear my professional hat – although the influences of others cannot be denied. A kaleidoscope is everchanging, bright and beautiful, influenced by colours melding together as the wheel turns. I see education as similar. A wonderful blend of spaces, personalities and experiences which together create learning.

Having recently returned to study, in order to upgrade my teaching qualification, I am constantly inspired to investigate, reflect, question and learn. My blog is a space for exploring and sharing thoughts, ideas and new information. I hope to share some of my newfound inspiration with you and maybe lead you to new discoveries also.

Love learning quote

Teaching makes me happy. Witnessing the sense of wonder and giving students a love of learning is exciting and fulfilling.

Happy learning to you all.